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    Table won't show more than 1 row


      This is a strange issue I just ran into. I've been working with these tables I created and they were working just as intended so far. They tend to have hundreds of rows, and I've been deleting and adding rows as needed. However, now I have a problem where the table won't show more than 1 body row before forcing a wrap to the next text box.


      Here's the problem. Text box 1 at the top should be able to fit all 3 body rows, but it doesn't and I don't know why. And the text box is clearly large enough to hold them. Is this due to some option I've never heard of?


      Here's an InDesign file with just the problem table.

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Tables are finicky and tricky. And possibly buggy.


          If you placed/pasted a table along with its attributes and then proceeded to dress it up with direct formatting and cell styles, you will soon have an unworkable mess.


          Best bet, build a hierarchy of a Table Style that calls for 3 or more Cell Styles. Each Cell Style should call for a defined paragraph style. Build all these styles without using the Type tool inserted into any text/cell/table. In other words, imagine it. Place the table from Word or Excel, bringing it into InDesign without any formatting. Then apply the Table Style and clear overrides in the Cell Styles panel.


          Look out: your multi-colored header is too complex to build into a Cell Style. It will require many cell styles, and you might therefore decide to not call for any header cell style for the header cells in the Table Style.


          Making table and cell styles cleanly means no hidden corrupt counter-commands on how your table should behave.

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            Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

            Further, your example file's Table Style is not defining the Header Cell Style correctly; nor the Body Cell Style, either.

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              Wabber_HM Level 1

              Okay, I see. The styles aren't as clean as they could be. I've never set one up as you described before.

              One thing I did notice upon inspecting for counter-commands is that there are Keep Options for Cells. Apparently the row had its start option set to Next Text Column, which causes what's shown in the file to happen. This doesn't seem like something that can be set with a Cell Style though.