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    Camera raw doesn't open and Photoshop freezes


      Hello everyone


      Since today, when I open a RAW photo in photoshop, or if I want to use the Camera Raw filter with a JPEG photo, nothing happens, meaning camera raw doesn't open as it's supposed to and Photoshop freezes and I can't do anything anymore.


      I have read the articles about problems with graphic processors on adobe, but all the infos I can find online doesn't help me. I did the following things, which did not solve the problem:

      - I updated my photoshop und lightroom to the newest version.

      - I checked for new drivers for my graphic processors, but they are up to date.

      - I checked which driver my photoshop uses:




      glgpu[0].GLName="Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000"





      glgpu[0].GLRenderer="Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000"




      - I checked which drivers are installed on my computer:

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M

      (I use Windows 7 64 bit system)

      - I went to Default Settings -> Camera RAW and the box "Use graphic processor" is unchecked (it says it was deactivated due to an error). I can check the box but there's an error sound and the next time I open the window, it is still unchecked.

      - I went to Default Settings -> Performance and I checked the box "Use graphic processor" and the graphic processor it finds there is "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000".


      So, can someone help me and tell me what I can do? So far, Photoshop and CameraRaw have always worked fine, and I have no idea why it is not working anymore.


      Thank you.