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    Animate CC Crashing When Publishing?

    FlashGuyO.O Level 1



      I've been working on a bigger project over summer, and I've just now been having this issue of Animate CC crashing when I publish it as a swf. The progress bar goes to 53%, stops, then crashes when I try and publish it. I do have 24gb of ram, if it's possible that I could give Animate more ram to help then if you could let me know that would be great!


      I've never really done a big project like this before, and I've put all my work into one scene. But I only have about 400 frames done of 4000, so I don't know if that should matter if it is in one scene. If it does, then do you know how to split up a sound file in Animate, because I have a sound file playing throughout the movie.