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    Two new contributor features now live in Adobe Stock

    MatHayward Adobe Employee

      Moments ago we went live with two new contributor features in the Adobe Stock contributor portal.


      For vector contributors you no longer need to zip your AI or EPS files with a jpeg preview. You can now upload the files directly. The system will automatically generate the jpeg for you. This should save quite a bit of time in your workflow.


      We have integrated Adobe Sign into our model and property releases. It is now much easier to generate, send and receive releases. You do not need an Adobe Sign account to take advantage of this feature.


      For additional details, please check out our blog post: https://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/new-for-adobe-stock-contributors-adobe-sign-integrat ion-and-non-zip-vectors/


      Let me know if you have any questions or comments,


      Mat Hayward