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    Context Sensitive Help Failure in RoboHelp 11

    Anyhoo Level 1

      In my application, I am trying to form URLs to automatically pull up context sensitive help based upon Robohelp Topic Ids.  I have read about how it should work using this reference: https://www.wvanweelden.eu/articles/part/csh-start-file  but for some reason it is not working at all.  Let me describe the issue in more detail.  I have a Robohelp project wit many topic ids.  I generate webhelp for the project and publish it.  I then create a url that I want to display the web page corresponding to the Robohelp topic ID.  For example:  "http://MyWebSite/Documentation/DEVELOPMENT/WebHelp/index_csh.htm#TopicID=Batch_Folder,with navpane=true".  According to the documentation I have read, this should work but no matter what topic id I use, the Help Start page is always displayed.  I am at a loss to explain why this is failing when I appear to have followed all the proper steps to make it function properly.  Can someone in this community please help me?