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    Reinstalling ACC Photo plan after laptop's "clean/install"


      My brand new HP Pavillion came installed with enough bloatware to completely obliterate my C drive...  I have been advised to do a "Clean/Install" of a completely stripped down Windows 10.  Good advice.  But, I was warned that I may not be able to reinstall my ACC Photo plan again.  I was advised to get the product key (is that the number on the gift-looking card??) and call Adobe with my question as to whether or not this will work.  I'm prepaid for one year with the Photo Plan and have had enough hassles with my new laptop.  I need to get back to work.  Can anyone tell me if the number on the back of the gifty-looking card is the product number?  And, can anyone tell me if this counts as my 2nd computer installation, or will it recognize that it's the same computer?  Thanks for your kind help!

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Creative Cloud does not use a product key/serial number. The software is licenced/acivated with your Adobe ID.

          Before doing a clean install of Windows, sign out of the CC Desktop app. Click the avatar next to the cog wheel in the top right corner, and choose Sign out.


          When Windows has been reinstalled, download and install the CC desktop app, sign in with your Adobe ID, and install Photoshop and Lightroom from the desktop app.