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    cfcharts style issue in CF 10 with re. to webcharts generated styling




      First off, I have an issue where my CF 10 cfchart is requiring the style attribute to be a json file.  From what I can see, this wasn't supposed to happen until CF 11, and there seems to be no way to set it to take an xml instead.


      Secondly, I have not been able to successfully convert the xml to json myself, and nor do I find the cfchart_xmltojson.sh/bat utility, which I also gather is for the CF 11 release.  Thus, if anyone has either some conversion rules, or this script linked somewhere - would be a great help.


      I am also in the process of trying to run the full webcharts3d generated file.wcp, but that seems to be failing for another reason, i.e. “Class not found: com.gp.api.jsp.MxServerComponent”, (though the correct jar(s) seem to be in place), though that might be a better subject for a separate thread.