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    [Windows] Error 47 not opening file


      I saved my Adobe XD file and restarted my computer. When I opened XD again I tried to open the file but it marks an error 47. I've checked to make sure it is not empty and it actually is heavier than other XD projects. Is there a way to recover the contents or to open the file? I worked hard and long on it and it'd be painful to loose it.

      Thanks ;-)

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          Mihnea Ovidenie Adobe Employee (Admin)



          There is another thread on a similar topic, here is an answer from one of my colleagues:

          Could you check if you have a copy of the original file in the following folder:



          It could be a file named like agc<NNNN>.tmp (e.g. agc15C3.tmp) that has almost the same size as the corrupted file. If you find it (being a temp file, it may be deleted after some time), rename it to something like “original_file.xd” and try to open it with XD.


          Aside from this, i would like to learn more about your situation:

          * version of XD

          * version of Win10

          * did you restarted the computer while XD was still saving? While XD finalized save but the file was still open?

          * is your file located in a shared/network drive instead of a local folder?




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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Was your issue resolved using the solution provided? Do you need more help?