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    Exporting from AE on PC for Clients Using Final Cut Pro

    austine25435327 Level 1


      I need to export a motion graphic that i created for a client who is using Final Cut Pro but i am a PC user. i have never used Macs before and so am not sure what format and codec to export with to get optimal quality. i have heard that Prores4444 or Prores422 are good codecs to use but they don't appear in AE as an option (probably because i run PC).

      My question boils down to 2 things:

      1. What settings are optimal to get high quality files when exporting from AE to be used by a Mac/FCP user/client?

      2. If Prores 4444 is the answer to my last question, how do i gain access to that codec on my PC?

      i appreciate any advice and suggestions.