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    render time has gone up more than usual


      I'm an Instagram editor who usually edits 5-10 second clips. My render time is usually never more that 20 minutes for an edit. I was recently having a problem with error 7 :: 66 that was resolved by me updating after effects cc 2017. The problem is after the update, my render time has gone from about 10-20 minutes for a 15 second clip to 10 hours. Only one second of the clip has been rendered and it's been over an hour already. Not only that, but I used to be able to do other things while a video was rendering, now my computer is extremely laggy and slow during a render. I always render in the best quality possible as a .avi file. I'd rather not decrease the quality since I used to be able to edit on the quality with no problems. How do I fix this issue without facing the past error that I had with rendering (7 :: 66)? I'm considering deleting after effects and then redownloading it but I don't know if that'll fix the problem and I don't want to stop the render if it won't fix it.