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    multiple locations for lightroom catalog and files


      I have 2 locations where lightroom has stored the catalog, backup and other files, one under picturesScreenshot 2017-07-27 20.53.56.png

      and one under creative cloud files

      Screenshot 2017-07-27 20.54.17.png

      while the backup shows a location of a local temp file.


      the problem is that even though I set the backup location to creative cloud files, they sometimes go to the pictures/lightroom file. I now have 2 catalog files and do not know which is the current one as they both have the same name but are different sizes, How do I  .get rid of one without fear of losing a bunch of work? The dates are off and when I check the location of the catalog it takes me to the temp/data file which shows the current correct date for the cat

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          The best way is to check which catalog is the one you work with. Open the "Lightroom.lrcat" file in both the locations and verify which is the most recent catalog.

          This way you can then delete the other catalog if you're sure its not required or is a duplicate catalog.


          Ideally, The one located under the "Creative cloud files" folder should be the extra one as this is not a default location and you should not keep and treat Creative Cloud location as a storage or backup space.