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    Problem Viewing DNG Files in Windows Photo VIewer w/ Windows 10


      Ok first, I would like to use windows photo viewer. I know of the other options.  I just bought a new dell computer and discovered (like many others) that windows photo viewer had issues. I have scoured the internet with no final solution.  I did get windows photo viewer on the new computer and can view almost any format of photo, other than DNG.  Now here is the weird part.  If I put one of the files that you can set the default to windows photo viewer in the folder with DNGs I can thumb through the DNGs. Without a JPEG or TIFF (for example) photo viewer is not an option.  SO while I have a work around I feel like I am so close. Maybe its stubbornness but I would like to open a DNG through default with windows photo viewer. Its just super weird that if I put a JPEG in the folder with DNGs I am able to view all the DNGs.

      I have tried to set defaults through right clicking the photo as well as under the control panel and there is no visible way for me to select windows photo viewer.


      One last thing, I have found the link for the codec but its no longer there: (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5495).


      I just feel like this is something easily fixed. Most of the other forums discussions I have found have not helped.  Being able to view them indirectly through windows photo viewer is a start, but again I have to have a jpeg in the folder.


      Thank you all, Ray