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    Reviewing thousands of photos at different times without losing your spot?

    southwestform Level 1

      I'm going through thousands of photos and ranking the ones I'd like to use in an upcoming project. This will obviously take lots and lots of time and I need to do it a little at a time, though I am concerned that I will lose my spot when I move to filter my Library on another keyword and come back to continue working on ranking the photos (I'm pretty sure wthen I come back to my filtered search it will not continue where I left off, though I can not remember and I don't want to try at the moment in case I lose my spot). Is there some way to leave a marker where you leave off when going through photos? Is there some other way of doing what I'm trying to achieve?


      Also, when reviewing the photos in the Library, is there a way to know which photo within the total # of photos that are being viewed? So filtering the Library based on a keyword returns 11,000 photos and I am now going through them, though it would be nice to know that I am currently reviewing, say, photo # 1000 out of the total 11,000 photos. Is there a way to see something like this?


      Thank you.