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    Resident Evil Developement help wanted

      I am making a Flash version of Resident Evil (RE) and the origonal Grand Theft Auto (GTA), I am first making RE (easier), because it can be made room by room instead of a huge city with constantly moving frames and layers as you move (as needed for GTA). It is not going to be 3-D based like the real RE. It will be birds-eye view. Enemies: Slow Zombies, Crimson Heads (Fast and Strong Zombies), Hunters (Humanoid Reptiles), Yale (Giant Snake), Plant 42 (Giant Plant Infected with the virus), Giant Spiders (Only 1 type), Cerberus (Zombie Dogs), and the Tyrant (8-foot or taller super zombie and the final boss). Weapons: Combat Knife, Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Magnum, Granade Launcher and Rocket Launcher (final weapon used to kill the Tyrant) and all weapons with an exception of the Combat Knife have limited ammo. Characters: Chris (Main Character/Male Protagonist), Jill (Main Character/Female Protagonist), Wesker (Main Antagonist), Barry (Supporting Character/Helper in Jill's scenienaro), Brad (Supporting Character (Pilot) ), Rebecca (Supporting Character/Helper in Chris's scenienaro), Kenneth (S.T.A.R.S. member being eaten by first zombie), Enrico (S.T.A.R.S. member towards the end who reveals a traitor).

      Anyone who is interested in helping in this developement please reply to this forum and/or contact me at alex@budgetwebservices.com. Please note you WILL be added to the games credits unless you request not to be, and to those of you who are interested in helping with GTA (and RE) I will start a new forum for GTA when this project is finished and I start GTA. Thank You in advance to those interested. (Please Note: My Flash version is Flash 4, so my graphic capabilities may be more limited than yours.)