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    Adobe After Effects zooms out on my project


      I have a question about AE.


      I'm trying to make a Youtube Intro.


      The intro is supposed to look like this: FREE Energy Burst Intro Template! - YouTube. It also came with backgrounds I was supposed to add.


      I have this: Intro Test - YouTube (With my username in there.) Notice how it is zoomed out and there is a small box around the intro in the first second in the video.


      I exported a PNG Sequence from Cinema 4D, added the backgrounds, and came up with that.^^^ (My Youtube Video.)


      My question: The thing is, the backgrounds expanded out of that box, and now my intro is zoomed out. How do I fix the backgrounds so they stay inside that "box" that you see in my intro test?


      I can provide an individual frame if you'd like. Let me know. Thanks!


      I'm using After Effects CC 2017 and Cinema 4D Version R18.048.