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    Compiling webhelp output version 2015 from Robohelp version 2017

    Tejas Dandekar Level 1


      Here is a scenario:


      I have Robohelp version 2017 installed on my local machine and I have few other team members using Robohelp version 2015. We update the same help source.


      1. I update the help content on my machine by using RH version 2017 and generate a webhelp 2015 output.
      2. I check it in the source control.
      3. The admin takes the most updated source of the help files on the build server and generates a webhelp and then    integrates it with the product. He uses Robohelp 2015 to generate the webhelp.


      The question is, will step 3 give an error or pose any risks/issues? Reason: I generated a 2015 web help from RH 2017 software and the admin generates a 2015 web help from RH 2015 software.


      Any thoughts if anyone has tried anything like this?