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    Case 0222688803 closed by Adobe support although it's not yet resolved! LR alternatives needed!


      Hi all,


      I have to share my bad experience with Adobe's customer support. A couple of days ago I had clicked on the 'Selective' Tab in the mobile LR app and and had signed in with my Adobe ID as requested. However, there was no hint that this would get a 30-day Adobe CC free trial started (which was never my intention).


      So I did contact Adobe support via chat today and made it clear in the issue description that I was referring to LR mobile and that I had unintentionally triggered a free CC trial which I would want to stop and reset to 30 days in case I really want to try it once the next LR major update will introduce more unique features on top of the dehaze slider compared to my Adobe LR 6 version that I had bought.


      The support guy Deepak was obviously a newbie. After explaining him what the issue was he told me that there was no CC subscription active in my account. The screenshots of my app showing a remaining 25 days as well as a copy of the CC welcome email made him believe me and he did then provide me with a copy paste text to get my issue resolved.


      I was trying to follow and had double-checked whether this was really for the mobile version which he confirmed. Obviously his instructions made no sense as they were referring to the Mac version. Hence nothing got resolved. He then told me that my current LR version does not support mobile use and that I would have to subscribe to CC if I wanted to use the mobile version.


      He had obviously no clue about LR mobile an that it can be used without an active CC subscription with the exception of the 'Selective' tab (which I had learned the hard way).


      1.5 hours had passed till then and I had asked him 3 times to hand my case over to another agent who does actually know his stuff and eventually his supervisor Pooja T took over. After I had explained my issue to him he told me that he could not help me claiming that he was not able to cancel and reset CC subscriptions. He told me that the only solution for me would be to create another Adobe ID later if I wanted to enjoy the free 30 days CC trial later on.


      I told him that I wanted my case escalated and that he should provide me with an email address to which I could forward my case summary to eventually get help.

      He refused to provide me with an email address but told me that he would internally escalate the case.


      Shortly after the 2+ hours of chat were over I got a chat transcript via email and a separate email that my case was resolved and closed. When I logged into my Adobe account again the case was shown as closed as 'Photoshop elements trial issue' and could not be reopened.


      WTF - why am I not taken seriously as a customer? I spent hundreds of dollars on the full versions of LR4 and LR6 as well as Photoshop elements and 2+ hours with those support guys in a chat and nobody even tried to help me, they just declared the issue resolved and closed the case.


      In my organization people would get fired over providing such lousy customer service experience but Adobe does not seem to care since I am not a CC subscriber but one of those legacy clients who is not wanted anymore...


      I am thinking of saying good-bye to Adobe for good after I got treated like dirt - does anybody have any recommendations for alternatives to LR since Aperture got discontinued? Is Phase One's software any good?


      Thanks and regards,