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    Drawdowns FPS. Project fps - 24, in practice - 11. [MacOS, Macbook pro]

    Lunar Evening

      Hi evreone! I have a problem with my Adobe Animate. Namely - Drawndowns fps.

      I make a very simple animation (1 symbol ((Circle with fill)), 1 classic animation ((animation on Guide, just straight line)), no background, project resolution 500x500). I make 24 FPS in project, and starting animation. FPS in start 24, 2 second - 15, more 2 secod - 11...


      With this dradowns it is impossible to work. Establish big project with animated backgrounds - impossible.

      Macbook pro 2017

         Intel Core i7 2.8GH-3.8GHz
        16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3

        Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB memory
         256GB SSD

      MacOS Sierra
      Latest version adobe Animate


      UPD Live chat support solve problem. Thanks you!)