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    Multi Line Text box calculation


      Hi Guys,


      Thanks for your help firstly. I have almost finished my pdf but have one last step.


      On the first part of the .pdf there is a bunch of yes/no questions. These are coded for colours and to give a final risk rating depending on the answers.


      I'd like to script a box on the last page that is a summary of must do risk controls, however I am having trouble with making it multiline.


      Essentially, I'd like it to be something like.


      if(this.getField("OCTA").value == "No") {

        event.value = "Radio carriage required, monitor ATC freq 15 mins prior to flight."

      } else {event.value = "Nil"}


      then add another line


      if(this.getField("Non_CTRL_AD").value == "No") {

          event.value = "Radio carriage required, monitor FIA and CTAF 15 mins prior to flight."

      } else {event.value = "Nil"}


      I'm obviously doing something wrong here as it only calculates the first one. I'm obviously a noob at Javascript but am so close to finishing the form.


      There are three or four of these questions that would give an additional risk control. And I just want them listed if the answer on the first page dropdown is a 'No'.


      Any help?