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    Problems with CC after payment issues




      I really hope someone can help me out with my problem. Last Tuesday, I was notified that there were problems with my payment. As it turned out, my membership could not be extended due to the expiry of my creditcard. I had to update my creditcard details and expected the problem to be solved. It didn't take long for me to notice that I couldn't open my CC app anymore all of a sudden. I thought that all my apps have been bloked because of the payment issues but I could still open Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, etc separately...I just couldn't access the general Adobe CC app (when I click on the desktop icon, nothing happens). This is only one out of 2 problems. When I continued working in Photoshop, a pop-up showed up and informed me of missing fonts. Free fonts that I used to sync from TypeKit, so apparently another problem due to the short-term payment issues.

      The payment was succesful on Wednesday so I thought the problems with the app not opening and the fonts not syncing anymore would be solved, too. However, it's Friday now and I still have the same problems. Whenever I try to re-sync the fonts from TypeKit, it says that these fonts are already synced but when I open Photoshop, it says the same fonts are missing. So there doesn't seem to be a way out. I explained the font-syncing problem to TypeKit support because I really need these fonts to start working again but they are now asking for a screenshot of the synced fonts from the Adobe Creative Cloud app which I cannot open.


      Before I'll spend my time uninstalling everything and re-installing all of Adobe CC again, I would like to know if I can solve this in another way or if I maybe just have to wait for a couple more days.


      Please help me!

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Svenja,


          Please try this, log out of the Creative Cloud desktop app by clicking on the picture icon in the top right and then Sign Out. Then sign back in with your wahl-consumer email address.


          After that, click the little gear icon next to the picture icon which should display a flyout menu, in this menu select "Check for App Updates". After that completes see if things are back to normal again.


          Please let us know if this helps,



          - Dave

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            svenjas49021763 Level 1

            Hi David,


            I really don't know what happened since friday but I just tried opening the CC desktop app again (not really expecting it to work) but it installed some updates autmatically and now I can see all my apps again and even all my Typekit fonts are syncing again as well!


            So, I didn't even get the chance to follow your suggested steps unfortunately. The problem solved itself


            Thank you very much anyway!



            Best regards,


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              David__B Adobe Employee

              Hi Svenja,


              Glad to hear things are back to normal


              Best regards,


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