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    Bug (I think): Maintaining 'frame content' but allowing 'appearance' to change in internal linked object


      Hi all


      Struggling with a potential bug in InDesign CC (fully updated, Mac).


      I have created a small diagram which contains a small text field. I intend to use this diagram multiple times in a document so I have 'placed and linked' it (using the 'place and link' function). Great.

      When I then go back and change the colour of part of the diagram I get warnings in the 'links' panel, hit refresh and all the diagrams change. Great.



      If I amend the copy in a text frame in an instance of the diagram, then go back to the original and repeat the above process whereby I change the colour of part of the diagram I get a warning when trying to refresh saying that I will loose the amended copy (it will default to the original state).

      In the links panel, under 'link options...' there is a section to 'preserve local edits whilst updating object links' with a separate checkbox for 'appearance' and 'frame content' (descriptions of these checkboxes can be found here Use linked content features in InDesign . Bottom line is that they should do what they say on the tin.



      With only preserve local 'frame content' checked, when I amend the colour of part of the diagram, that colour change is NOT registered. My child diagrams do not accept the amend. If I just select the preserve local 'appearance' checkbox it works identically to the above where the 'frame content' was checked.


      It is like the 'appearance' and 'frame content' options have not been separated properly in the build.


      Any workarounds or suggestions most welcome.


      Thank you