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    Fonts not what they say they are - InDesign CC


      I have information in a table that I'd pasted from another InDesign file. Original table was all the same font.

      After pasting the cells all took on their own look, different sizes as well as different fonts.

      Normally I'd highlight the table with my cursor and select the font and font size I want and done.

      This isn't working - some Times New Roman creeping in?


      If I select the text it says its Arial and Find Font can't see this either.


      I can eventually get the fonts to behave by changing the style and reapplying it - a lot more steps than I'd normally need as I can't seem to just clear the styles.

      But I rely on Find Font in large documents! Why can't it spot the difference?


      FYI it prints/outputs with the error, so not a display issue as far as I can tell.

      My guess is something is hidden that's affecting it - how can I check my document to see if there is some hidden condition happening?


      I'm not an expert but I've used this program everyday for like five years and can usually figure out where I've done the stupid

      Tables are the worst aspect of this program for me - would love easier tools in the next update