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    How do I update Flash Player IE


      My antivirus states I need to update and install myself Flash Player IE Antivirus states it's critical. When I click download, I get redirected to Adobe Home Page. I've checked your forum and I can't find step-by-step answers on HOW to complete this (1st time using forum & not very tech savvy). I have checked Flash Player in my Control Panel. Clicked the Updates tab and I cannot do anything, it's dimmed. It is set to notify me when updates are available but never has notified me. Can someone please Help me??? Using Window 10 Home.


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Getting Flash Player https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

          Microsoft does not allow external installs into Edge or Internet Explorer

          If you want the latest Flash Player, you will have to use a non-Microsoft browser

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            Divya_Gupta Adobe Employee



            As of Windows 8, Microsoft embeds Flash Player in IE, and Edge (as of WIn10).  The ActiveX EXE or MSI installers DO NOT work on these operating systems.


            Since Microsoft embeds Flash Player, all updates are released by Microsoft via Windows Update.  Check to see you have the latest update installed.  Microsoft Security Bulletins  lists the various security updates.  For the August update I don't see a separate Flash Player item, like they have for July.  Most likely it's included in the cumulative update for IE/Edge.


            The following 2 FAQs may be of assistance:


            Also ensure you have the latest sound/video device drivers installed.



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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Anne4892


              My antivirus states I need to update and install myself Flash Player IE


              For which browser is your anti-virus stating you need to update Flash Player for?  Microsoft does embed Flash Player in IE and Edge browsers on Windows 10 and all updates to Flash Player for IE and Edge are released by Microsoft via Windows Update.  Windows 10 Home does not offer a way for users to disable these updates so I imagine the version of Flash Player in IE and Edge is up-to-date and this notification is for a different browser.  Please do the following:

              • Launch Control Panel
              • Navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items
              • Click on Flash Player item to launch the Flash Player Settings Manager
              • In Flash Player Settings Manager go to the Updates tab
              • On Windows 10, this tab will show the non-IE/Edge Flash Player versions installed:
                • NPAPI is for Firefox
                • PPAPI is for Chromium-based browsers
              • If you have one of these installed and it's not the latest version ( launch a browser and go to https://get.adobe.com/flashpalyer/otherversions
              • In step 1, select the OS (Windows 10)
              • In step 2, select which Flash Player version you need: NPAPI (for Firefox) or PPAPI (for Chromium-based browsers)
              • Note this page has 3rd party offerings
              • Download the installer (it'll be saved to your default download location)
              • Close all browsers and go to the location the file was saved to
              • double-click the file to launch the installer
              • follow on screen prompts to install Flash Player to the latest version