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      Does RoboHelp do the following



      Support workflow visual displayWorkflow graphic display showing a work stream with its related steps
      Support workflow definitionWorkflow definition: workflow stream and associated workflow steps
      Association of workflow steps with knowledge management content elementsLinking of a workflow step to one, or more, knowledge management elements (text, image, video, and documents)


      Thank you!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there




          This can be accomplished, sure. But it will require other tools. RoboHelp does offer a screen capture utility called RoboScreen Capture. But it's a manual thing. You would have to build the images, then insert them into RoboHelp.




          Sorry, but this one needs more information before anything resembling a cohesive answer can be given. You need to explain that question in more detail.




          Definitely possible to achieve using RoboHelp.


          Hopefully this helps... Rick