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    Lightroom 5 serial number not working on new macbook pro (Sierra)

    rita antoniam19933137

      Someone please help. I contacted the adobe support chat line and phone number. Both were NOT helpful after more than an hour of chatting and then an hour wait on the phone. Only to find out after another call that my Lightroom 5 is not supported through those avenues.

      I bought the Lightroom 5 installation CD a while back. I just bought a new macbook pro and forgot that it doesn't have a CD drive. I am not planning on buying a CD drive anytime soon. I've downloaded Lightroom 5 multiple times as a trial through the appropriate link:

      Download Photoshop Lightroom


      But when I enter the serial number it says that my serial number is not valid! And to contact the support team.

      Does this mean I have to buy a new product?!!!