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    How To Keep The TouchUp Reading Order Tool From Combining Elements

    wpccdistancelearning Level 1

      FIrst of all, I am using Acrobat X Pro which I know is EOLed by Adobe but it is all I have to work with at the moment (no money to upgrade software).


      I have a PDF form that I am using the TouchUp Reading Order tool to properly order elements for screen readers. My problem is this. I have two check boxes adjacent to each other on the page. When I use the touchup tool to select the first one, things work properly and I can drag the resultant form field into the proper reading order. However, when I select the next check box and click Form Field in the TouchUp Reading Order dialog box, the two check boxes merge into one field. I want them to stay separate so they will be read correctly by the screen reading software but I can't find any way to keep Acrobat Pro from combining the boxes. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can make things work properly?