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    Random Corruption on downloads from Lightroom Mobile (adobe cloud)


      Lightroom version = 2015.12

      Lightroom Mobile = 2.8.0

      Windows 10 = latest version

      Photos = all RAW from 3 different cameras

      Home internet = ATT Fiber (600-900mbps from the last speedtest I just did)


      I shot about 5000 photos the last few weeks and used the iPad Pro to download the photos via the apple sd connector. Lightroom mobile is now syncing to my desktop and I am noticing about 100 or so of the photos are landing in my catalog *corrupted. I went to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and found the corrupt photos and downloaded the originals from there and they are totally fine, I can re-import into the catalog without any corruption. I guess everything from the ipad to the adobe cloud is fine but the issue is occurring going from the cloud to my desktop catalog.


      Any ideas what could be causing this? Is there a way to push the photos from the cloud back to my desktop so I can try to overwrite the photos - (it is laborious to have to have to go to website and redownload the corrupted photos and replace)?


      Thanks for your help!


      *Corrupted = I see a black circle with a gray exclamation mark in the middle in my photos in the library panel and I can't make any edits ( when I click on it is throws this message "lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo", photoshop can not open the files either.