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    Ray-traced 3D: Initial shader compile failed

    Kalyo Level 1


      I'll try to explain in details:

      My GPU is GeForce GTX 1070 - not supported from AE (funny)

      After the "Ray-traced 3D: Initial shader compile failed (5070 :: 12)" error the next one is "Cannot create context for ray tracer (5070 :: 1)", followed by "Out of paged mapped memory for ray tracer. Your project may exceed GPU limits. Try closing other applications. Try updating the CUDA driver (5070 :: 2)."

      I searched the internet for the problem before i post here and i've done the following:


      1. Installed the latest CUDA driver.


      2. Added (the exact name of) my GPU in the file "raytracer_supported_cards.txt"



      3. Enabled untested and unsupported GPU for CUDA...



      4. Replaced the optix.1.dll file with the suggested one i found on the network



      None of these worked. Any other suggestions?...