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    LR can't rename files using F2

    tstphnsn Level 1

      I was renaming a number of files (several thousand) and when I was partway in I started getting this message:

      "Some photos will not be renamed because they are missing or not writable"

      I can rename the photos using the RH menu.

      I can find the files in "show in Explorer"

      I can copy files

      I can rename then the drive manually


      There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with these files (and so far there are some from 2 different cameras and several different shooting dates


      I'm at a loss. I spent 1.5 hours on phone with India....and they had no idea. At first they tried to say it was the drive but then it was clear the drive is working fine.


      Has anyone seen this? And any solutions??


      Thanks very much.