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    Place from Excel Spreadsheet not showing formatted font


      Hi all, some help please.


      I am using Indesign CC and Excel (Office 365 Business)

      I have a spreadsheet saved as an xlxs file. I am placing cells from the spreadsheet which have a formula that shows results as a wingding (arrows showing increases or decreases). The wingdings font is coloured depending on the direction of the arrow. (I didn't create the spreadsheet but it looks like the formula compares two numbers, then works out how different they are...ie: if slightly down between a certain percentage up the arrow is diagonal and light green, if it's up by more than 100%, (for example) the arrow points down and is dark green. It's it's slightly up, the arrow is diagonal pointing down and dark red and more than 100% up, it's red.

      and so on.


      When I am placing the cell range into InDesign, everything is fine except for the font colour. The font colour of course is coming from the results of the formula.


      I have tried different formats for the cells, ie: text, special, customise, general etc.

      I've tried placing as a formatted table, unformatted table.



      Any suggestions?