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    Lightroom imports only 2 (or 12) photos at a time



      When I try to import, only a few photos are loaded at a time.   Then I get a message that says, "unwritable folder" with the number of photos not loaded.


      I went to folder permissions and unlocked folders.    That is not the problem.


      I chose different options in loading, such as, "load as dng, copy, move, add"    None work better than another.  That is not the problem.


      I have not found this scenario in the forums:  


      When I attach the camera, Lightroom displays the 'import' button.   I click that.     I have tried several things here. 


      1)  Move quickly.   That is, I click import before the preview images appear.   It is too quick.   No images will download.

      2)  Wait for preview images to appear.   Images that show a preview will download.

      3) Wait for all of the images to get a preview.  (This worked for me a month ago).    When I do this, Lightroom stops recognizing my camera, and says, "please select a source".   I need to start over now.    So I move more quickly.   See Thing 1 and 2 to see the other options. 


      Here is the problem:     If I wait too long, Lightroom no longer recognizes my camera and I need to start over.     If I wait for the first few images to get a preview, I get only 2, or up to 15 images.


      I just returned from a week long trip with quite a few images.   I have spend 4 hours and only 125 images are loaded. 


      Please help me!