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    Text Flow in Multi-Column Master

    Jack Level 1

      I need to create a page master that contains one or more columns of text and/or graphics.I started out by going to various support links identified in a web search, but am having difficulty following procedures such as those outlined in https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/threading-text.html. There was also one URL that showed how to create a 3-column document from the get-go, but that will not work in my case (I need only a limited number of 3-column pages). Therefore I created a 3-column page master.


      I can only see the 'flow' icons in the currently selected the text box; I cannot create the 'flow arrows from one text box to the next. I did see a reference to flowing text once the box is full (flow icon turns red), and that may be my only option[?]). I guess that can work, but wonder if it can be made to work automatically when the box/page is filled.


      And then I need to flow text from a full page to the next page, etc. Perhaps that will become obvious when I have a full page(?).


      Any ideas appreciated.