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    No audio


      Hello everyone,


      First of all; I'm terribly sorry for my bad english, I really am.


      Yesterday I rendered a video in After Effects and I disabled the sound of After Effects in my mixingpanel, because it always scares the crap out of me with that little 'pling' or the goat sound while rendering.


      After that, I turnt off my PC. The next day I was starting After Effects, imported a song, but I heard nothing. I was like 'oh, that must be the mixingpanel', but when I went into it, After Effects was turned on, so it was saying it had audio, but I couldn't hear anything. I tried switching my audio output devices (headphones, speakers) but that isn't it either.


      Now I know there is a switch in the preview panel where you can toggle the audio, but according to After Effects, it is playing audio. My other programs work fine (Premiere Pro, Audition, Cinema 4D, etc.), also I have audio on programs like Spotify and on Youtube, so it's in After Effects for sure. I also took a look in my Output Module Settings, but everything is fine there too.


      Anyone of you else got this problem or knows the solution? I really need some help, because I am in deep trouble if I'm not finishing this project that I got currently going on.