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    LR 5.7 to LR CC and OSX to Win10: Thoughts on How to Manage?


      Hopefully the title summarizes my plan well enough.

      Currently, I still have LR 5.7 on an old iMac which is about to be retired. I'm intending to make 2 moves:

           1. LR 5.7 to CC

           2. OSX to Win10

      The photos and catalogue are currently on an external HD b/c I used it between a laptop and iMac.

      One issue I can foresee is the external HD is formatted to Mac OS Extended (journaled); so can't just PnP to Win 10.


      I'm looking for recommendations on how to proceed. Which should be done first? Transition LR to CC and then change OS's or other way around?

      Thanks for your thoughts.