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    how can i manage animation done with animate?


      how can i manage animation done with animate? have done some animation i just drag them into CC library ! they did not work propely on line in Chrome browser. when a start to export them in HTML (command 3) i'll try exporting them in aom format from animate did'nt work either! animate gif is working but what a gaspe of time! one animation is may be complicated using animate mask making a effect a dilating image!


      however i have a message error from chrome browsers :


      JavaScript exception: Error calling selector function: SecurityError: Failed to read the ‘contentDocument’ property from’HTMLIframeElement’: Blocked a frame with origin « null » from accessing a cross-origin frame.


      how can i manage to make it work with chrome?


      hopefully it's working with safari's brother! not the complicated animation (motion) with the animate masks ;-(

      it's working off line in asafari's browser but not on the server on line!


      working with safari