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    After Effects CC 2017 Crashes

    stevem31451788 Level 1

      CS6 seems to work OK on my daughter's computer but CC 2017 keeps crashing.  We have cleaned some things up and followed the work around detailed in the 'Unable to Allocate Memory' common issue article but this has not resolved it.  The error message has changed to simply the generic 'this program has stopped working'.


      Details of computer:


      CPU: i3-6100

      RAM: 8GB

      OS: windows 7 service pack 1 64 bit

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without the exact system crash info/ log nobody can tell you much, but chances are it's imply an inadequate system that doesn't meet the requirements in one way or another. Start by updating critical things like graphics and audio drivers.



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            stevem31451788 Level 1

            Tell me how to get a system crash log and I'll attempt to provide more info.


            Prior to this post we did do some cleanup.  The 500 GD SSD was almost full and we deleted over 100 GB of stuff including cleaning out all caches etc.  After this and following the preference tweaking as detailed above the more specific error messages stopped and now we just get the generic 'stopped working' message.


              This computer was recently built (1 Sept 2016).  The video card is a GeForce GTX660 with 6 GB VRAM (2 GB dedicated to video).  we are now checking for and will install the latest driver.  We are at the bare minimum recommended for RAM (8 GB).

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              stevem31451788 Level 1

              OK I need help from someone.  Now the previous v of After Effects, CS6, is crashing on my daughter's computer.  i need either to talk with support staff by phone or by chat.  Is this possible?  I do not have hours and hours to resolve this.  This is the only program she is having trouble with and we have some fairly sophisticated games that work just fine on that computer.


              We paid the subscription fee so how about support?  Can someone give me a direct line?

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                Howdy there!

                I saw this post wasn't answered, and I have a tip that may be helpful! I am by no means a writer or a tech support person, but I hope this helps!

                I recently had a similar problem with my After Effects CC2017 on my Windows 10 64bit. Mine would crash during preview, but would allow me to save whatever work I had. This was starting to get a little annoying, seeing as preview is vital to the work I do.

                After doing a lot of research, it seemed likely that the culprit to this issue had to do with the audio software on my computer, more specifically, Quicktime.

                What we did was go to the Control Panel, and clicked on Quicktime. This opened up the Quicktime preferences. Once there, we selected the Audio Tab>>Play Audio Using. Whatever is selected, make sure to change it to Windows Audio Session. This really helped the preview crashes.

                Then, for good measure, we updated Quicktime.

                This completely fixed the problem and we do not experience preview crashes.

                I hope this was somewhat helpful!

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi SteveM,

                  Sorry for the frustration. Create your support ticket here: Contact Customer Care and ask for the "video queue." Mention that you are having trouble with both versions of the software.