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    Word to InDesign workflow: Font Awesome incorrect after importing Word documents




      InDesign 2017 on Mac and Word 365 on Windows 10


      Im having an issue creating a new workflow using FontAwesome icons


      I have set up my indesign template file and exported all my styles to RTF then created a Word template file with this.


      As FontAwesome doesn't work with Mac Word i have to use a PC to created the Word template file


      Everything works as it should, all styles, character and paragraph are correct when importing the Word document created from the template is imported into InDesign.


      My issue is with FontAwesome, when the Word document is imported, the facebook icon has a tild and a square where it should be, twitter icon is blank but the instagram icon is correct.


      The icons were all correct when i exported the styles for Word from InDesign.


      In the Word document the fontawesome icons are correct.


      Below is a screen shot of what happens to the icons when the Word document is imported back into the document created from the InDesign template.


      Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 14.41.06.png

      I use non-breaking spaces and em spaces to control the nested styles in InDesign.


      The styles are correct, the FontAwesome icons seem to have been substituted but  they are still the FontAwesome font.


      Im using the same FontAwesome.otf font file on both systems.


      I hope that was explained correctly, this is really annoying as there will be over 200+ word docs to import eventually and i don't want to have to replace the icons missing every time.