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    InDesign CC2017 and footnotes from MS Word

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've been working for quite a while with InDesign and MS Word. However, it is my first time when I encounter this error.


      I have a MS Word document of 235 pages with 600 endnotes. When I am importing that document into InDesign for some reasons half of the endnotes come as anchored text frame and half remain at the end of the document as they are supposed to stay. The half endnotes that come as anchored text frame are loosing their markers within text yet they keep their numbering in the anchored text frame. The half that is properly imported are keeping their markes inside the text but are start from 1 instead of keeping their proper number.


      What I tried so far:


      MS WORD

      1. I removed all section breaks, column breaks and page breaks. In fact there was only one section break right where the endnotes are splitting.


      When imported into InDesign I noticed same behavior.


      2. I cleaned the MS Word file of all formatting loosing superscript for endnotes markers. When imported. Same result.


      In InDesign

      If I am selecting to import just endnotes they came the same.


      If I am selecting to import only footnotes, an empty anchored text frame is still imported but this time no text at all inside it and no endnotes.


      So, it puzzles me as I do not recall ever encountering that error. Is there something I am doing wrong?


      Any help/suggestion would be appreciate it.