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    FlashPaper error:  "printing failed for unknown reason"

      I'm on a project where I've had great success using FlashPaper 2 to create an online price book for internal use at our company.

      However, two months ago, the Word .doc file I was using as the price book source suddenly stopped working with FP2. Using the Word plug-in, I could get the process to run for awhile. I get the messages "Preparing...", etc., all the way to "Receiving x of n," but then get a dialog box "printing failed for unknown reason."

      After some wrestling with the problem (frankly, FP2 is a black box and its messages cryptic, so there wasn't much I could do), I ported all the content, sans Word styles, to a new file, then reformatted the document by creating all new styles (somewhere along the line I figured something got corrupted in the original file). After that, I had no problems until yesterday afternoon, when the error message started up again.

      I've tested other PDF publishing tools with the problem .doc file and they all work. I'd be happy to change to another package, but it so happens that only FP2 has the features I need.

      Can anyone out there tell me if they've encountered the same problem with FP2 and whether they found a fix?

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          Hello Guzzi, i have experienced the same problem (with Flash Paper 2) and have been looking for a reason as to why this is happening. Anyone reading these threads please advise if you know of a fix.

          My experience is just like Guzzi's. I print flashpapers for my clients. They supply us word documents filled with copy, images and weblinks. Many of these documents range from 20 to 40 pages in length. I have found that sometimes on the larger documents, i get this "error" notice. I'm not sure if its the formatting in Word document causing this. Or if it has to do with embedded images or links in the document.

          I have Flash Paper 2 installed on another computer. And when i transfer the same file to other computer the same problem persists on that one too, so i know it's know a problem with my computer, but rather something in the file causing Flash Paper to issue the "Printer Error."

          I am able to print the same Word documents as a PDF. I wish that we can find the fix or update for this problem.
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            I encountered almost a similar problem; just that whenever i select to print with FP2, it will just hang my Word document. I am using MS Office 2007. Still figuring out and troubleshooting... If someone encountered similar problem, please don't mind to enlighten us. Thanks.