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    Can't open obj files


      I am looking for some help.

      I've tried to open multiple different obj files and it says reading then never actually opens. Does anyone happen to know what may be wrong with my set up or point in the correct direction. I can't seem to find it on my own.

      Thank you

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          There are two ways of opening an obj file.


          1. Use File open to open it into a new document. When you do this you get a dialogue (example below) . Are you seeing that dialogue, and is there any chance that it could be hidden behind other applications or on a secondary monitor?

          Next would be a progress bar as the obj document is opened. Depending on how complex the model is that can take a while.


          Eventually you should get The workspace dialogue , followed by a color-space dialogue

          then the model should open


          2. The second way is with a document already open , use menu 3D - New 3D Layer from File. This gives the same dialogues, although sometimes I find that the progress bar does not appear and you just have to wait.




          Do either of the above work for you?

          Is the model complex? I just tried loading the guitarBass model from the Adobe Felix project. The obj file is 137MB  and that took a while to run through the dialogues before the model opened. Simpler shapes loaded very quickly.



          If the above does not help - please give further details of the issue and your system (if you go to Photoshop - Help -System info and click copy - then paste the details into your post it would be helpful).

          If you provide a link to the obj that you are having problems with then I will try it here to see if it will load




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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Without any details about your 3D file,your system and your version of PS nobody can tell you much. The file could simply be damaged or have been exported with wrong options from whatever 3D program it was created in in the first place just like there is any nober of potential other issues.



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              cheerlee Level 1

              Thank you for your response. These step by step instructions are well done and I really appreciate it.

              My problem is the reading OBJ Format bar just disappears and nothing ever seems to come from it. (I walk away and do stuff and return later)

              Original I didn't have the the Open GL on but I fixed that and it just doesn't load anything

              My 3D drop down is greyed out as well so I feel like maybe there is another setting I am missing.

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                cheerlee Level 1

                I am using my Surface Pro 3 but it's not the base model. Intel Core i5 4300 @1.90 GHz 2.50 GHz, 8 GB of Ram, Intel HD graphics 4400,  64 bit OS Windows 10.

                I am using PS CC 2017

                I hope any of this info helps.


                I tried a few different files to try to make sure it was not a particular file.

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi Cheerlee

                  If your 3D options are all greyed out that would indeed explain why you are not able to open a 3D object file.


                  Can you go to Photoshop - Help - System info and click on "Copy"

                  Then Paste (Ctrl+V) into this thread. That way we can take a look and see if we can see what may be stopping your 3D options



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