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    green cache bar in after effects not moving smoothly!


      The green bar in my after effects is not moving smoothly and i cannot edit the part in the middle of a second as the time display only moves with one whole second along with the green bar. i am not able to edit nicely for logo animation please help.


      windows 10 64 bit


      16gb RAM

      2tb hardrive

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am guessing you are new to After Effects and do not understand the user interface and time display. If so please make sure your version of AE is up to date and then start here: Basic AE.


          If that does not solve your problem try this:

          1. Select the composition you are having problems with in the Project Panel so we can see the composition settings
          2. Select the layers that are giving you problems in the timeline and press the U key twice to reveal all of the modified properties of those layers
          3. Make sure that the Timeline panel is showing you the entire timeline by using the small icons at the bottom left that look like mountains to expand the timeline view
          4. Press Print screen on your keyboard
          5. Return to this forum, add a reply and give us workflow details so we know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, then press the return key and paste your screenshot (Ctrl/Cmnd + v) so we can see what is going on

          It's impossible to give you much help without details and a compressive screenshot.

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            pavgre7 Level 1

            I have after effects CC 2015, I am pretty new to  this but that basics link will surely help the thing is my timeline looks like this

            but all the tutorials I've seen have a different movement on the current time indicator and their movement is smooth too. How do i make my timeline move like this:-