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    Premiere Elements 15 Customize Workspace Help/Suggestion


      So I was wondering if there is a way to modify the work space in Adobe Premiere Elements 15. I've seen similar suggestions in older versions, but not for 15. I know about the duel monitor work space, but all it does is move the timeline, which is kinda pointless because the control options (render, play button, zoom in/out timeline) is still in the same place. From all the looking I've done it doesn't look like I can change that. If I am wrong, I would love to know how to change it.


      If not here's a small suggestion for the duel monitor option. Along with moving the timeline, have the above options available. Another idea would also have the side toolbar detachable as well. This would make fine tuning key framing easier since the preview video is much larger. Here's a picture explaining what I mean.


      Idea for Duel Monitor APE15.png


      Anyways, just a quick question/idea I wanted to ask since I didn't see the question for Premiere Elements 15.


      Thank you.