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    Lightroom on iPad Pro - all collections now show 0 photos, even those with offline editing enabled

    bonanza3 Level 1

      I am using the latest updated version of Lightroom CC on a Windows 10 laptop and the latest updated Lightroom Mobile App on and iPad Pro (v.2.8.0 6206A2) and an iPhone 7 plus. The operating systems on all three are also up to date.


      My synced collections are fine on the laptop and iPhone (and even on one of my kid's iPad mini) but overnight almost all my collections on the iPad Pro (my main editing app while travelling) now show 0 photos, including collections that have Offline Editing enabled and that I worked with yesterday. The local storage tab for the iPad app shows 29.71 GB of locally stored copies so I know the photos are there. It also shows 56.99 GB Free and currently shows 0 cached files as I cleared the cache among other things to try to get back to work on the photos. The little cloud persists in telling me that it is "All up to date" and I can see the 'missing' photos if I look in Lightroom Photos -- they just aren't showing up in the collections. This has brought everything to a complete halt so I'm really hoping you can help!


      One other, much smaller, problem is that I have 4 photos taken in the Lightroom App on my phone that my desktop says is can't read and that I can't edit on the laptop although I can edit them on the phone (and until today, on the ipad).