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    Duplicates in lightroom


      I don`t know exactly how I did it, but for many pictures I have both the original file (cr2), the DNG-file and Jpg-file. Some questions concerning this:


      I don`t need all these files? Which should I keep? I think the DNG-files. Agree?


      I also have a lot of duplicates where the filename is like: IMG_6700-2 (In addition I have the IMG_6700-file). Is it right that it`t safe to delete all the files ending with -2?


      Hope you can help me!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. CR2 and DNG of the same photo- You may have used the Adobe DNG converter and set the option to preserve the CR2 files, or you may have made you own 'backups' or copies of the CR2s before converting within Lightroom.  Both CR2 and DNG contain the same RAW file data- there is much debate elsewhere which file-type you should use (or keep in archive).


          2. CR2,  DNG  and JPG of the same photo- You have the camera set to create RAW+JPG. Another personal option. Personally I never shoot RAW+JPG as Lightroom can make JPGs at any time I want (From MY edits!) and there is seldom a reason to keep 'exported' JPGs in the catalog. But do not delete JPGs if they are the only version of a photo you have (if you ever shot JPG only).


          3.  Files ending "-2"  -  This is possibly an operating system function when you save a file to the same folder multiple times.   (Save 0000.jpg  three times will create- 0000-2.jpg  0000-3.jpg as well). You could be creating these by manually copying files to the same folder with the OS, or Importing in Lr more than once with [Allow Duplicates] set in the options.


          If all your "Duplicates" are in the Lightroom Catalog, then only you will be able to decide what to 'keep', depending on your amount of editing, etc, you want to keep on each and every photo. There are plugins to help you decide and delete duplicates-

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          Which should I keep? I think the DNG-files. Agree?

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