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    Creative Cloud Apps deleting themselves [Win 7]


      I installed Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Media Encoder and Bridge on the 25th/7. However I tried to open AE today and the file was the stock Windows error file, and it tells me that the shortcut has been changed or moved.


      Creative Cloud still shows them all as installed,


      and so does Control Panel.Control Panel.png The hard drive they are installed on is a brand new Samsung 850 EVO, as they were previously on a slower, dying HDD.

      I uninstalled them correctly through the app, and reinstalled them on the 25th, but now they are all gone, seemingly having deleted themselves.


      Nothing happens when I try to run it through CC, and Windows tells me that it's not there.

      What can I do besides reinstalling them all again? And how do I know it isn't just going to do it again in a couple days?