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    Lightroom won't synchronize folder

    duglas50 Level 1

      I have an issue that I haven't found an answer to yet.  I'm having trouble importing files to the Lightroom catalog.  For example this recently happened after making adjustments to a RAW photo in Lightroom.  I exported it as a jpg to the same folder as the original.  After exporting I synchronized the folder it was exported too but the photo did not show up.  Thinking that I may have exported it to a different folder I opened all the folders in the catalog and did a search in Lightroom and it didn't show up anywhere in my Lightroom catalog.  The next thing I did was open the folder in Explorer and sure enough the photo was there so Lighroom did actually export the photo correctly as I instructed.  The folder in question actually contains 274 photos in Explorer but the folder in my Lightroom catalog only contains 273 photos, thus the missing photo.  Ok, since the photo is actually where it is suppose to be, I next tried to do an import.  Under import I selected Add at the top of the screen and opened the folder on the left panel but the photo that I exported from Lightroom was nowhere to be found.  Is there a bug in the program?  This has happened on more than one occasion when trying to synchronize but I have always been able to resolve the issue with an import.  What do I need to do to get this photo into my Lightroom catalog?