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    Poor performance with 30 inch monitor

    Greg from Arvada

      I have noticed with the last few Lightroom CC updates that it seems to be getting slower.  I read that my monitor's resolution may be the issue (see here) and the Adobe suggestion is to make my Lightroom window smaller or use 1:2 or 1:3 in the navigator.  My PC's specs are very good (Intel Core i7-6700K with 32GB RAM) with the one of the latest GPUs (Nvidia GTX 1080) and m.2 flash drive.  I have no issues playing fast framerate games with this rig and it should run Lightroom well too.  But it doesn't.  The develop module adjustment brush is really slow (even without auto-mask) and other tools are just generally slow.


      In searching the forums and Google, it seems the Adobe solution is to reduce window size but I want to see my images on my 30 inch monitor with Lightroom maximized.  What is the point of having a large monitor if you cannot use it?  Anyone have suggestions on how to improve large resolution (2560x1600) editing? 

      Is Adobe working on a solution for this?  What do people do with 4K displays??


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.