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    How can i get the complete template list ?

    obouillaud Level 1

      I'm using TrustedCache for few weeks, and if the performance improvement is awesome, I also face many troubles with the cleartemplatecache() function... Clearing the whole cache for 1 line in a cfm file is overwhelming... So of course there is a nicer solution : only clear the cache of the concerned file.
      Thats quite easy as you can pass "cgi.CF_TEMPLATE_PATH" to the cleartemplatecache method.

      That's fine until you work with imbricated templates... for example if I work on my footer.cfm and need to see modifications made in this file, I need to call this specific file ... and not the "index.cfm" which includes it.
      If it can work for my footer, it becomes quite impossible when working with cfc's or many imbricated files that you just can't call directly by their url.

      So I'm looking for a way to retrieve a list of all the templates needed for a particular file.
      In my previous example, if I call /index.cfm I want to be able to have the list : "header.cfm, content.cfm, product.cfc, product_collection.cfm, footer.cm" (that's an example).

      Do you know a quick solution to do that ?