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    flex app problem

      Hello, i am a noob to flex, anyway i have a problem with my flex app, while the aplication works just fine, (the aplication uses web services) when i access the aplication start page ( http://projects.belersoft.ro/step/), the aplication doesn't do anything, i need to hit ctrl F5 to refres the page to get it to work. Any suggestions are welcomed.

      Thank you.
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          SujitG Level 2

          I cannot reproduce what you said. The page is loading properly. If you can reproduce this, sharing the browser version etc on which this is reproducible might be useful.

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            horohaidan Level 1
            Hello, thank you for answer.
            Behinde the login button it is a web service. The problem does not occur all the time, unfortunatelly this problem was observed on both mozila (v 2.0.0) and internet explorer (v 6.0.2900) browsers. More exactly what happens is that some times when i acces the start page usualy after cleaning the browser's cache, the page loads but the text fields does not get filed (does not retrive the cookie from server, witch stores the username), the login button does not work and in the status bar the message "Read projects.belersoft.ro..." appears.

            Thank you for your time and patience.