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    Connection Keys suddenly stop working

    F23 Level 1
      I'm at the end of my rope on this one. The client is ticked and we've never had this happen before.

      We moved a site to a new server 2 weeks ago. After much trouble getting Contribute to connect to the site we finally got it to work. We ended up deleting the connection files on the server and just starting over.
      Sent the client a connection key and it worked fine. They could edit pages and go to town.

      This week the client goes to a page and it tells him that he is not authorized to edit pages. I try the same connection key we sent him and it tells me my roll has 'expired' and I need to contact the admin.

      I've locked this site down tighter than a frogs butt in water; no one has access to the contribute keys or its settings. Why would Contribute do this? Has anyone had this happen?
      Should we start over again? Remove all the files (including the LCK files)?

      Thanks in advance for any insight.